Mondo’s 1:6th Scale Masters Of The Universe Figures

Idle Hands is reporting that MONDO will be releasing a line of 1:6th Scale Masters Of The Universe Figures!

Creative Director-Toys/Collectibles Brock Otterbacher explains:

The idea is to take the basic designs of the original figures, some of the art from the original mini comics and packaging, add a bit of realism to them, along with a bit of our own tastes, and create a series of high-end figures that fans like us would be stoked to have. Designed by Dave Rapoza. Sculpted by Ramirez Studios. EPIC.

The 1:6th Scale MOTU figures will not be on display at the San Diego Comic-Con. The 1:6th Scale MOTU figures will be revealed at Mondo-Con on October 3-4th in Austin, TX. The line starts off with He-Man and Skeletor, who set the template for all the characters that follow, design wise.

Here is some teaser art of He-Man and Skeletor from Mondo, courtesy of Idle Hands.



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