Illumina’s First Appeareance

Today a group of dedicated fans, lead by Eric DeLima is celebrating Illumina day, an event dedicated to the character I created for the Masters of the Universe 2002 comic vol. 3, that unfortunately was part of a storyline we had to scrap due to the legal constraints we faced as the line was coming to an end. Fans would like to see Illumina released in figure form at one point, and while Mattel doesn’t currently own the rights to her, I like many others, hope that one day maybe a reconciliation could be reach and me and Mattel will find a way to work together to make a figure of her.

In the meantime, I wanted to offer to all the fans that supported my creations for such a long time, a glimpse of something never revealed before. When we began work on Vol. 3 of the comic, I was asked to come up with the story plot. So I wrote a very rough draft for the first few issues, loosely describing the action and what topic we would have covered. This draft was later reworked, but the following is an extract from my original document, where Illumina makes her very first appearance!

We see Skeletor (SK) and Evil-Lyn (EL) in the library of Zalesia  where they have spent hours looking in the books an scripts but none of the them  contains more information that vague legends and myths (we could start to throw in more about Eternia’s past here) but nothing about Grayskull. It seems that everything has been erased on purpose!

SK is furious because he thinks he has been tricked by The Faceless One (FLO).

On the floor of the Library is painted a map of Eternia, but most of it can’t be read.

EL says that being angry made him blind. She solves the enigma her father had told them and chants a difficult spell and slowly a few skull symbols starts to appear on the map! (The biggest of them is obviously on where Grayskull is).

They’re just starting to analyze the map when the room starts to shake violently and begin to collapse. EL implores SK to leave the library, but SK doesn’t want to go and he takes EL staff form her hands. While the ceiling starts to crumble over them, he chants a last spell using both staffs!

The room collapses.

We move outside and we looks at the smoldering ruins. After a few moments we see EL and Skeletor emerge from the ruins, a bit beaten up but still unharmed.

We pull back and we see a blue skinned, white dressed and white haired woman observing the scene from the distance. She’s not very young probably a bit younger than Duncan  and she wear her Warriors Ring on her left hand but I’m not sure how much we want to drive readers attention on this yet. On her side there is a big white panther with a silver saddle. She’s talking to the feline. From the dialogue we understand the she caused the ruin to collapse but she didn’t succeed in stopping SK… but she doesn’t dare to confront SK and EL directly and it’s time for the Guardians of Grayskull to move!

There was really not much else in the plot about her so far. I did the original sketch of her at the same time, to present it to MVCreations. This is where I introduced, for the very first time, the idea of this mysterious white dressed woman. She was already in my thoughts since Homecoming. She was nothing more than a plot device back then. At that time, I wanted to merge the original Don Glut minicomic with the Filmation cartoon, so I had He-Man living in a tribe, but secretly being Prince Adam, hidden far from Eternos when he was an infant, to escape from the Horde invasion. I needed someone that took the kid out of the royal palace and traveled with him to these remote regions of Eternia, where she left him to the care of this tribe. And for some reason, I wanted this person to be a woman. She was not a Gar back then of course, but she was already dressed in white and with white hair.

As an added bonus, here is the pencil version of the beautiful cover Enza Fontana drew with Illumina:



And since it never appeared on this blog, the MOTUC design I did of her, adapting the 2002 style to the MOTUC style and parts library: