Holiday He-Man Back on Sale Thursday, Nov 29!

A message from Super7 about Holiday He-Man:

Better safe than sorry! The original on sale for the Holiday He-Man on Monday went phenomenally fast. So fast that we wanted to hit the brakes for a moment and make sure the fast sales weren’t because of fraudulent or bot-driven shenanigans. We have completed this review and have cancelled a number of orders that didn’t play by the rules (Sorry, flippers…). We are also ready to make the remaining units of Holiday He-Man available.

The remaining units is now VERY limited so if you have already ordered within the 2 (TWO) unit limit please do not attempt to order again. Play nice and let others have a chance for this figure and understand we will be screening new orders for duplicates. Fair warning: If you’ve already ordered the 2 unit limit for Holiday He-Man we will cancel all of your orders if you submit additional orders during the relaunch. Sorry, but the only ones who this should upset are flippers. Anyway, thank you for your patience!

Holiday He-Man will be available again WHILE THE SUPPLY LASTS tomorrow (Thursday – 11/29) at 12:00pm Noon Pacific Time at:…/masters-of-the-universe-club-grayskull…

Orders will begin shipping next week and U.S. domestic orders will be received for Christmas. Unfortunately, International orders cannot be guaranteed Christmas delivery.