Masters of the Universe Pre-Sale Update from Super7

A message from Super7:

Greetings M.O.T.U. Friends and Fans –

As we announced last week, Super7 is taking the keys to Castle Grayskull on behalf of our friends at Mattel! Our first offering begins Wednesday, November 16th, with a variety of new made-to-order pre-sale products, shipping early 2017. Don’t miss out on these great new Eternian products:

New M.O.T.U. Ultimates Line
MOTU Classics Ultimate editions of fan favorites He-Man, Faker, Ram Man, Skeletor, and Teela. Each Ultimates figure comes in brand new presentation and includes a range of accessories and parts, never before available in one package!

New Three Terrors
The all new vintage-inspired line of MOTU continues with characters from the new animation, “The Curse of the Three Terrors”! The full-color, cartoon accurate releases of Possessed Skeletor, Terror Bat, Terror Jaguar, and Terror Wolf come packaged in classic-era blister cards, authentic to the last detail.

Temple of Darkness Sorceress
The 3.75″ retro-action figure variant Temple of Darkness Sorceress recreates the all-white costume of the Guardian of Grayskull. Packaged on authentically detailed blister card featuring artwork by Jason Edmiston.

Cartoon Edition Japanese Soft Vinyl Figures
Beast Man and Skeletor reimagined as 1980s Japanese soft vinyl action figures, now available in the classic 1980s toy and cartoon colors.

More details and specifics to follow in the coming days.

By the Power of Grayskull!