Orko Mug from 80sTees.com

80sTees.com is crowdfunding an exclusive Masters of the Universe “Orko” mug.

This 80sTees.com exclusive Orko mug is designed to look like the Masters of the Universe Trollan magician. The mug features everything from Orko’s blue ears and hands to his pointed hat and cloak featuring the letter O. The mug even shows Orko’s scarf wrapped around his face, which reveals nothing but his yellow eyes. When you find that you are thirsty, just remove Orko’s head and drink away! In the animated series Masters of the Universe, Orko magically provided the comedy relief. Now, with this mug, Orko can make your mug collection look all the more magical. For any fan of Masters of the Universe, this Orko mug is a must have. With Orko’s head on, this mug stands at 9 inches tall. With Orko’s head off, the mug stands at 5 inches tall and holds 12 fluid ounces. Hand wash only to avoid a damaged mug curse from Snake Mountain.

• Product Type: Glassware
• Vendor: 80sTees.com
• 80sTees Exclusive
• Color: Multi-Color
• Gender: Not Gender Specific

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