2017 Men vs Cosplay Calendar!

Men vs Cosplay are launching their next annual page-a-day calendar featuring male cosplayers from all around the world!

Every year, Men vs Cosplay bands together to create a cool fan calendar. This project started as a way to celebrate the male cosplay talent in the community, and it has grown over time. This is their fourth year, and they will be featuring over 300 male cosplayers in a page-a-day style calendar for 2017. Early cosplayer recruitment allows them to build an awesome calendar with buffer time for production!

They are looking for a variety of male cosplayers/body types/characters!

Visit www.menvscosplay.com for info on submitting!

Visit www.facebook.com/menvscosplay to see their calendar announcements!

2016 Men vs Cosplay Calendar Examples:



For more information on this exciting project, click HERE!