Mattel & Autodesk Release New 3D Printer for Kids

Mattel is re-imagining their ThingMaker toys as 3D printers for children to design and print their own toys, in partnership with Autodesk. The original ThingMaker came out in 1963 and offered die-cast molds to create simple toys from pre-made shapes. The ThingMaker 3D-printer is a system that allows families to print action figures, jewelry, and wearables at home. The 3D toys can made in a variety of colors, including a glow-in-the-dark option.

There is a possibility that we may see some Mattel brands including Masters of the Universe and Hot Wheels join the ThingMaker ecosystem in the future. Aslan Appleman, Senior Director at Mattel recently spoke to USA Today and said “Obviously we have quite a few iconic brands in our portfolio as well as access to partner brands. You can imagine that’s part of our longer term strategy.”

The ThingMaker is available for preorder on Amazon now for $299.99, and will begin shipping this fall.

Check out this cool video from Family Gamer TV.