Video: Club 200X Accessory Pack, Callix & Evilseed!

Mattel designer Brandon Sopinsky gives fans an exclusive look at the Accessory Pack, Callix & Evilseed from the Masters of the Universe Classics – Club 200X collection. Subscriptions are now open thru 3/23/15 at

The full line-up for the mini-sub is:
1. Callix (7/15/15)
2. Evil Seed (8/15/15)
3. Club-exclusive: Heads of Eternia® Accessory Pack—includes alternate heads for Grizzlor®, Buzz-Off®, Sy-Klone™, Roboto®, Snout Spout™, and Clawful® (8/15/15)
4. King Chooblah™ (9/15)
5. Ceratus™ (10/15)
6. Queen Grayskull™ (11/15)
7. Prahvus (12/15)

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