Custom Spotlight: Filmation Clawful

This weeks cool custom comes from He-Man World member Grayskull.

My 3D modeling began in May 2014, due to the fact that Mattel did not include an accurate and proper Filmation Hordak head with their “Etheria Invasion” version of said figure. I took matters in my own hands and modeled my version and had it 3d printed through Shapeways. After that the ball started to roll and I made Merman, Leech and so on… and since Clawful’s cartoon appearance is very different from the vintage figure I just had to make a full fledged filmation variant I made the head, armor and claws myself and put them on a Prince Adam body (just switched the boots to “monster feet”).

Clawful 3

Clawful 2

Clawful 1

Clawful back

cd (2)

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