CLUB 200X UPDATE: Grizzlor’s Head!

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CLUB 200X UPDATE: Skeletor’s Love Child from Mattel just posted in our Forums…

A couple things about the 200X subscription I wanted to make you aware of:

-Grizzlor’s Head: Yes, you will receive a Grizzlor head in the sub-only accessory pack. The reason you didn’t see him during Toy Fair is because at the time we were going to only make a face plate available (as you saw in Brandon’s video); we later decided to provide a full head instead. To minimize confusion the face plate was pulled and only five sculpts were shown. Surprise! :)

-Subscription Meter: Although we do have a minimum we need to hit in order to make sure the complete subscription can be offered to you guys, there will be no meter. You don’t like the meter…I don’t like the meter…you won’t see one for this subscription. That being said, YOUR participation in the subscription drive is still VERY important as you guys will ultimately determine whether the complete line comes to fruition. There will be updates to let you know how the subscription is coming along.

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