A Message from The Power and The Honor Foundation

The Power and The Honor Foundation is thrilled to announce their collaboration with Dark Horse Comics on the upcoming The Art of He-Man and Masters of the Universe book.

Over the past few years, The Foundation has continued to source, research, and archive materials relating to both Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power, in the hope that one day we could work alongside Mattel, Dark Horse, and Dreamworks.

The Foundation has always believed that a collaboration with the brand owners, through printed medium, would be the best way to present this artwork to the fans. For this reason, we have not been able to share a great deal from our expansive archives, as we feel that simply putting these images on a website would not honor the history that enriches each and every one of these pieces.

When we were presented with the chance of working on Dark Horse’s Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe we recognized it as the perfect outlet for a percentage of this material.

In the past few months, The Foundation team has donated its time and has worked with Dark Horse providing consulting on the history of the brand and the plethora of content contained within the book. The Foundation has shared over 200 images from our archives, covering numerous sections of the book and, where possible, higher quality versions of some of the art already in the book, aiming for the best overall quality possible.

In addition to our consulting duties, James Eatock has curated the Filmation section, and Emiliano Santalucia carefully restored many Earl Norem pieces, originally featured in the MOTU magazine as posters.

The book will also feature an interview with The Foundation’s members.

We want to take the time to say a big thank you to all of the fans that have supported The Power and The Honor Foundation since its beginnings; especially those of you that strongly desired a collaboration with Dark Horse. We want to extend our appreciation to Dark Horse, Mattel, and Dreamworks for allowing our team to contribute to this wonderful project. We look forward to future collaborations, in the hope that we can bring the entirety of our collection to the fans!

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You can purchase a copy of the book from Entertainment Earth by clicking HERE!