More MOTU Mini Reveals!

Mattel has made an update to their Snake Mountain Meter for the 2015 Masters of the Universe Minis Subscription. As can be seen by the meter, there is still a long way to go to ensure that the mini-sub happens. Fans have till November 24th to purchase a subscription.

From Mattycollector:

Following on the success of the 2014 MOTU Minis series, the Four Horsemen-designed Minis return for 2015 with new fan-demanded characters (She-Ra®!  Trap Jaw®!) and a subscription is the only way to guarantee you’ll get every one. How does Club MOTU Minis work? Purchase a membership now and in 2015 we’ll ship you every Club release. That includes six packs with two figures each, plus a Snake Mountain™ display diorama!

While the figures may be small, the Club is packed with big benefits, including:

  • Club-Exclusive Snake Mountain™: Only subscribers will get a Snake Mountain™ diorama, home-sweet-home to Skeletor®. It will never be sold at and subscribing to Club MOTU Minis is the only way to ensure your mini Skeletor® won’t be left out in the cold!
  • More Products, Lower Prices: Subscribe and you’ll never have to worry about missing out on fast-selling packs because every official 2015 Club MOTU Minis release will automatically ship to you. The price subscribers pay is lower, too… $20 per two-pack when purchased through Club MOTU Minis but $22 through All Access.
  • Early Access to Non-Subscription Products: Get a subscription and you’ll have the chance to purchase some of our hottest items before non-subscribers, like our 2015 chase figure and more!
  • Bi-Monthly or Triple Shipment Options: If you want your MOTU Minis the minute they’re released approximately every other month, you’re in the right place. Or, click here to choose the Triple Shipment Option. You’ll still get all the 2015 club releases but we’ll send your packs three times per year instead to save you shipping costs.
  • Early Shipping: Subscription orders generally begin shipping two business days before non-subscription orders so subscribers usually get their orders before non-subscribers.

MOTU Minis Snake Mountain

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