Angela Bermúdez as Frosta & The Sorceress

My friend Angela Bermúdez (aka Tenshi) was kind enough to share two amazing Masters of the Universe costume designs with us. Check out her amazing cosplay of Frosta and The Sorceress!

More than a fan of the “He-Man World”, the reason why I chose to cosplay them was the influence of a friend of mine who you probably know, Mike Bock, and of course to me it was a pleasure to complete them. I know what the nostalgia of these photos made people feel when they saw them. It also gave me a satisfaction to make something not too common to me, which made me enjoy them even more. I hope someday I have the chance to take them to Comic-Con.




Frosta with camera



Model/ Make up/ Costume/ Photography/ Edition and Accesories made by Angela Bermúdez.

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