“He-Man vs. Trap Jaw” by Reyad Yousri

August 14, 2023 John Atkin

Check out this awesome mini-comic inspired artwork of He-Man fighting Trap Jaw by Reyad Yousri. I love the vintage mini-comics from the 1980s. One of my favorite mini-comics was “The Menace of Trap Jaw”, that had the evil warrior […]


“Masters Unbound” by Reyad Yousri

October 12, 2017 John Atkin

Check out this amazing fan-art poster of the Masters of the Universe characters by artist Reyad Yousri. When I created this MOTU poster, I went with my favorite characters from the cartoon series, and splashed them […]


“I Have The Power” by Reyad Yousri

January 18, 2017 John Atkin

Check out this awesome Filmation-inspired artwork of He-Man by Reyad Yousri. I drew this version of He-Man because I’ve always loved this classic pose in the Filmation cartoons. As a kid, you could really feel that he got the […]


“He-Man and Lion-O” by Reyad Yousri

December 22, 2015 John Atkin

Check out this cool He-Man and Lion-O artwork by Reyad Yousri. When I heard that Mattel was making a new toy line of the ThunderCats, this image instantly jumped into my mind.  I always liked the idea […]


“He-Man of Grayskull” by Reyad Yousri

September 24, 2015 John Atkin

Reyad Yousri has shared with us his amazing new painting of He-Man! I keep asking myself what it is that I like best about like about He-Man. Absolutely, it wasn’t the best animated series in terms of art […]

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