Heroic Guardian of Power

Real Name: D’vann Grayskull

After his death, King Grayskull preserved his spirit inside the Sword of He. Through this act he was able to remain inside the walls of Castle Grayskull, advising his heirs and acting as a guardian of the castle along with the Sorceress. It was his idea for the Elders to combine the Power of the Universe with their wisdom to tap into Eternia’s hidden magic into a power orb. This orb contained a new unified force made up of both raw force and the wisdom to wield magic. This power would go on to become known as “The Power of Grayskull,” named for his reign and Castle. Grayskull remained a part of this power even after Adam combined it with the Star Ship Eternia becoming He-Man permanently. Grayskull, great king of Eternia, watches over his descendants and his castle in the form of an ageless spirit.