Evil Assault Vehicle

Originally designed by the Fighting Foe Man Ditztroyer, the Roton is an ominous vehicle that is black in color with red spinning blades around the circumference. Two glowering eyes are molded into the vehicle’s chassis to strike fear into even the bravest Heroic Warrior. Typically used on land, Rotons also function as flying vehicles and are equipped with guns, though the spinning blades are their most devastating weapon. The chaotic Ditztroyer double-crossed the Horde by secretly joining the Evil Warriors and offering them guidance on the Roton design.

(Skelcon Bio)
The Skelcon were a primitive but highly adaptable race of horned demons who dwelled in the dark corners of the Dimension of Infinita and worshiped the bones of their ancestors until a summoning spell, cast by Skeletor, brought them to Eternia. Magically bound to his commands, the Skelcon served as Skeletor’s foot soldiers, wearing skull masks and wielding weapons built from the bones of their dead. During a battle with Hordak, the Skelcon were returned to Infinita, but Skeletor’s power over them remained.