Ruthless Leader of the Evil Horde

Series 1 (2005). Mattel, Inc.
Mini-Statue by NECA. Designed by the Four Horsemen.

His origins are unknown. His evil is unfathomable. His hunger is insatiable. He is Hordak, the most ancient of the older sorcerors. After a failed effort to create a Dark World from Eternia that almost destroyed the planet, Hordak sought the services of newer apprentices to serve alongside his Shadow Weavers. His efforts begat him the young but resourceful Keldor, who betrayed his mentor and sent him and his mages into the other realm known as Etheria! However, his banishment came at an adavantage. In Etheria, he learned of the Horde, an ageless group of warriors who used a combination of machinery and magic to destroy and conquer all that lay before them. The ambitous Hordak fought and murdered the Horde Prime and assumed power over their magic technology – the Alchemech – and the massive base of operations, the forsaken lands known as the Fright Zone! Now an enemy of the Rebellion of Etheria, Hordak uses his powers to create legions of living nightmares, bound to his will for all eternity by his magic totem – a large winged symbol of his own terrible likeness!