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Thundercats Ultimates Wave 3 Figures

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  • Thundercats Ultimates Wave 3 Figures

    The Thundercats Ultimates Wave 3 Figures are now up for Pre-Order!
    Thundercats Ultimates! Wave 3

    Captain Cracker – Robotic Pirate Scoundrel
    • Extra Hands
    • Alternate Head
    • Sword
    • Wrench
    • Polly the Parrot
    • Alternate Polly Wings

    Cheetara – Super Speedy Thundercats Warrior
    • Short Staff
    • Long Staff
    • Extra Hands
    • Running Head
    • Open Communicator
    • Closed Communicator
    • Mirror Flute

    Jaga – Wise Thundercat Mentor
    • Extra Hands
    • No helmet head
    • Soft goods cape
    • Sword of Omens
    • Sleeping Sword of Omens
    • Old Jaga head (not pictured yet)
    • Magic Cloth (not pictured yet)

    Slithe – Evil Mutant Leader
    • Alternate Head
    • Long Axe
    • Short Axe
    • Mace

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    They look great. I decided to try preordering through BBTS this time instead of directly from S7. Looking forward to them.


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      these are nice looking.


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        I caved. The figures are too cool to pass on.
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