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Zentron's He-Man and She-Ra Fan Art

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  • Zentron's He-Man and She-Ra Fan Art

    Hi all,

    Here I shall post all of my He-Man and She-Ra fan arts and videos, I hope you will like some of my efforts!

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    Scenes from my digital reproduction of the She-Ra episode Friendship:


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      Great videos! That is very impressive work!
      "We must always value life. Even the life of one who opposes us." ― He-Man


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        Thanks, it's a lot of work, but I've enjoyed working on the He-Man intro and the Friendship vids, if I wasn't still coming down off having the flu, I could still be working on them!

        Anyway, so, back in late-ish 2016, I began working on designing my own reboot of She-Ra, though once I heard about the Netflix reboot, I kinda put mine on the back burner, merely finishing my version of Adora, the Sword of Protection, her head piece, a rudimentary design of She-Ra, mostly as a reference to refine later, a couple character outline descriptions and some scenes scripted out. After the reboot was released and I finally got a chance to watch the show... and being bitterly disappointed with its blandness, I decided to start back up. Unfortunately slow going due to all my projects, but I've been plodding along, essentially, it's a follow on to 200X (cos I wanted to), but loosely based on the original 5 parter, plus a dose of NA inspiration thrown in. Admittedly, some elements after watching the official reboot I've noticed were similar, in particular Spinnerella and Nettossa being a couple, though that I decided on in 2017, before we knew they were also a couple in the official reboot, but such as recruiting others, also similar, though different approaches and definitely no princess of the week type thing.

        On to my design ideas;


        Bow, Madam Razz and Spiritina designs to come next!


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