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Zentron's He-Man and She-Ra Fan Art

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  • Zentron's He-Man and She-Ra Fan Art

    Hi all,

    Here I shall post all of my He-Man and She-Ra fan arts and videos, I hope you will like some of my efforts!

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    Scenes from my digital reproduction of the She-Ra episode Friendship:


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      Great videos! That is very impressive work!
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        Thanks, it's a lot of work, but I've enjoyed working on the He-Man intro and the Friendship vids, if I wasn't still coming down off having the flu, I could still be working on them!

        Anyway, so, back in late-ish 2016, I began working on designing my own reboot of She-Ra, though once I heard about the Netflix reboot, I kinda put mine on the back burner, merely finishing my version of Adora, the Sword of Protection, her head piece, a rudimentary design of She-Ra, mostly as a reference to refine later, a couple character outline descriptions and some scenes scripted out. After the reboot was released and I finally got a chance to watch the show... and being bitterly disappointed with its blandness, I decided to start back up. Unfortunately slow going due to all my projects, but I've been plodding along, essentially, it's a follow on to 200X (cos I wanted to), but loosely based on the original 5 parter, plus a dose of NA inspiration thrown in. Admittedly, some elements after watching the official reboot I've noticed were similar, in particular Spinnerella and Nettossa being a couple, though that I decided on in 2017, before we knew they were also a couple in the official reboot, but such as recruiting others, also similar, though different approaches and definitely no princess of the week type thing.

        On to my design ideas;


        Bow, Madam Razz and Spiritina designs to come next!


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          I just had the time to look at your work, and I was very impressed by your efforts. Also, I'd take your reboot venture over Dreamworks' attempt of She-Ra any day of the week.
          The only thing that I've liked from their reboot was their background designs. Their character designs and style on the other hand were simply lazy and uncreative.

          Please tell me that you work for a respectful studio somewhere.


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            Thanks Mechanizor and I wish I could say that I did work for a studio, but at present I'm just a guy with a bunch of Art, TV & Film diploma's and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in animation, with only one professional gig under my belt, though can't tell you anything about that sadly. I do things simply because I want to!
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              Your intro is really awesome. Nice touches of light and shadow really make a difference..they just all seem to pop more. Anyways, I like...keep up the good work!
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                Glad you liked Andy! I really should get around to finishing the reproduction of the intro, but I'm really stuck on the background behind Cringer where Prince Adam says "This is Cringer...", I need to get an expanded version of that, as accuracy is what I am going for, I don't want to make stuff up! Every other background have moments in the series where we get panning shots, so I'm able to produce expanded versions to use, but the one behind Cringer in that shot.... we get nothing, which really stalled my production! Plus, the effects used, the source is so fragmented, I can barely see what's happened to reproduce them, so that's stalled things even further 😠

                Though the reproduction of Friendship is doing OK 😉


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                  Very impressive! I especially love your redesign of Princess Adora and the Sword. I would love to see something like that design appear in a movie or a cartoon someday.
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                    Thanks BZ, as would I, though I don't think it would happen. However, you will see my Adora animated, as I am going to animate her transforming into She-Ra! You will see some similarities to Prince Adam's transformation in 200X, as said in one of my prior posts, I am setting my reboot as a follow on to 200X, so I wanted it have those similarities to tie the two together, but at the same time, do something different as well! I've already storyboarded half of it, I'm just in the middle of doing something else, so I'll have to get the other half done later!


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                      Finished off doing this short comparison vid for a sequence from my 16:9 HD digital reproduction of the classic She-Ra episode, Friendship! See if you can spot the differences:

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                        Cool stuff, and thanks for sharing.

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                      Yikes, another so soon??? This is a background image from my reproduction of the Friendship episode, started it yesterday evening, just finished it moments ago:


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                        An incredibly short reproduction sequence, but you may notice that I have made a few changes! Reply below with what you see changed:


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                          After a few people have asked me how I do my reproductions, I decided to do a new vid to show how my current clip is put together! Hope it doesn't bore too much:


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                            First draft of the title sequence to my animation of classic She-Ra and the Netflix identity crisis in a death duel:


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