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Would you like Mattel to allow the Power and Honor Foundation to do more catalogs?

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    What are the chances of the P&HF releasing a book that details action figures and toys already released? I have many books that detail toys and collectibles which have been released that seem to be independant of a company (including a book detailing the POP toyline) and I'd love some that covered MOTU, POP, New Adventures, 200x, and even MOTUC along with background information, commentary, and other cool tidbits.


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      Originally posted by Barbecue17 View Post
      What are the chances of the P&HF releasing a book that details action figures and toys already released?
      I'm going to guess that the problems would be the same since this is so obliviously a personal vendetta...
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        In theory, we can do a toy guide. Since they are all products sold to the public, Mattel wouldn't be able to prevent us from doing that.
        And, the truth is, we've been working on it. The issue with this is the time. To do a toy guide the way we want to do it, I'd need to work on it full time for 6 months. So, it's a really difficult thing to make it happen right now, unless we find trusted and skilled people that can help.


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          I am so interested in this topic. My p&h vol 1 is reallt a treasure. I wish Mattel weren't such meatheads. I think between Emil's knowledge, busta's knowledge, and Joah man's CD rom, we could have something spectacular.
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            I'd definitely be keen on this.
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