Slithering Leader of the Snake Men

Real Name: Hssss of the Viper Clan

Beheaded by Zodak during the Battle against Serpos, King Hssss slowly regenerated thanks to the darkness of his dungeon cell. Regrouping at Serpos’ destroyed temple deep in Subternia, Hssss lead the Snake Men to the surface to find Skeletor and a newly returned Hordak warring for the throne of Eternia. Sent into hibernation by Hordak’s magic, Hssss’ army waited and multiplied. Returning at last, the leader of the Snake Men brought his army to the Second Ultimate Battleground to determine once and for all rule of Eternia. But unknown to him, He-Man had journeyed into the past and learned the Snake Men’s only secret weakness. With this knowledge the Masters were able to defeat the Snake King and his army. Orko cast the Spell of Separation which split apart the mixed mutated DNA that held the reptilian ruler and his Snake Men together

Battle Armor King Hssss was released with Snake Armor He-Man as a part of a special two-pack. Snake Armor He-Man comes with brand new armor, sword, and an arm attachment for wrangling snakes. Battle Armor King Hssss is ready to strike back with his snake staff and shield.