He-Man Tappers of Grayskull: Winterfest 2017 Update!

We have an exciting new update from Animoca Brands for He-Man™ Tappers of Grayskull™ 
New Features include:

– Winter/snowy backgrounds in the game
– Winterfest will begin on Dec.1, 2017!

  • From December 1st, a “calendar” will pop up everyday upon launch, with 25 slots for 25 days (event goes until Dec 25).
  • There will be 3 different calendar boards, all accessible daily, but to access the additional two boards, users will have play through a certain amount of levels.
  • The slots will be labelled with the dates (just like an advent calendar), and players can only open one slot a day.

In the Countdown to Winterfest Event, log in once a day for up to three chances to get free gems, keys, medals, and winter-themed outfits! Don’t forget to log in on Dec 25th for an exclusive prize!

The Rewards from the countdown calendar will be:

  • Medals (usually won in tournaments and used to buy medal-specific He-Man outfits)
  • Keys (used to purchase artifacts)
  • Gems (used for power ups)
  • Outfits (there will be 3 outfits during the event)
    • Two of the outfits will be broken down into 3 pieces, with each piece on one of the boards (for users to collect).
    • On the last day (Dec 25), players get a whole Christmas-themed He-Man outfit. Additionally, if the users misses a day on the calendar, they can watch an ad to open the slots on the day that they missed.

– For iOS only: Speech Recognition Mode!

This new update will also feature speech recognition mode

  • Players can speak certain words to trigger special skills
  • Each skill has a Voice Over associated with it.
    • For instance “I have the power!”
    • Players can click the icon and speak the words
  • Upon recognizing the correct string of words, the skill will activate.

You can download He-Man™ Tappers of Grayskull™ at https://uude.app.link/hemantappers