Giorgia Cosplay as Catra

Check out these purrfect photos of Giorgia Cosplay as Catra!

When I was a child, I liked to watch the He-Man and She-Ra cartoons on TV. I often found the villains to be much more entertaining, both graphically and in acting. For me, Catra was love at first site. I also have a deep love for felines in general, and I thought Catra was a physical match for me, so I felt that I had a good shot at representing her in real life.

The dress is completely made out of red PVC with inserts in a darker tone of metallic Lycra to create the same shadings of the cartoon. The boots were bought on Ebay and then modified. As for the cloak, I was lucky enough to find an heavy stretch double face purple/black satin, with a very shiny lustre, which allowed me to solve the problem of the double colour without sewing together two separate pieces of fabric.










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