Threadless Spotlight – “Masters of the Eighties” T-Shirt by Rolly Rocket

The 1980s: Decade of rad colors, over the top action, video games, and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. In March of 2015, Threadless had a cool contest for fans to design their own MOTU t-shirts. Today we preview one of the winners of the contest, as selected by fans –  “Masters of the Eighties” t-shirt by artist Rolly Rocket!

When I first traveled back in time to the 1980’s, I totally fell in love with this crazy, animated TV series, where a guy just needed to hold up his sword to transform himself into the most powerful man in the universe. So, I did the same with my magic neon pen and decided to put He-Man on the Grid. He then became – a Master of the Eighties.

– Rolly Rocket

You can get this awesome retro t-shirt from Threadless by clicking HERE!

Masters of the universe t-shirt

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